Snowdon Sunrise Climb Challenge

  • Price: £65
  • Open Challenge
  • Duration: 1 day
  • Dates: Kidscan Children’s Cancer Charity – 26th June 2022

Snowdon Challenge

The Snowdon Sunrise Climbing Challenge is undoubtedly one of our most popular charity event. If you are seeking to create a real buzz, while smashing your fundraising targets then this could be the event for you. This highly popular challenge involves trekking to the summit of Snowdon up and down the Llanberis path, with the hope of catching the sunrise at the summit. This challenge is achievable by anyone with an average level of fitness.

Llanberis Path

Llanberis Path is the longest and most gradual of the six main paths to the summit of Snowdon, and offers fantastic views of Cwm Brwynog, Llanberis and over the Menai straights towards Anglesey.

The path mainly follows the Snowdon Mountain Railway track, and goes by Hebron, Halfway and Clogwyn stations. Before the railway was opened in 1896, visitors employed guides to lead them to the summit along this path on mule- back.
A remarkable geological feature can be seen from the Llanberis path, the Clogwyn Du’r Arddu syncline. The syncline was formed over thousands of years, as the earth moved and transformed horizontal deposits into vertical layers of rock.

Distance: 9 miles – 7.25Km Descent: 3,199 feet – 975 metres

Time: About 6-7 hours

Days: 1
Grade: Medium/Hard
Start Location: Llanberis

Finish Location: Llanberis
Vehicle: Not required Guides: Qualified Mountain Leaders (First aid qualified and highly experienced)

Day 1

02:00 – Meet Sky Blue Adventures Team in Llanberis.
02:15 – After a team briefing commence climb on the Llanberis Path
05:30 – Reach Snowdon Summit and enjoy the views from the Summit 06:00 – Start descent down the Llanberis Path
09:00 – Arrive in Llanberis and finish challenge

1. The timings detailed above may vary due to team fitness levels and traffic

2. The participants can be split into separate teams according to their ability

3. All participants are required to carry the appropriate kit and equipment to ensure their safety on the mountain


▪ Team presentation (if required)
▪ Logistics(all transport through out the challenge if required)
▪ Highly experienced mountain leaders (fully qualified and first aid trained) ▪ Maximum mountain leader/client ratio of 1 leader / 10 clients
▪ Safety equipment (carried by your Mountain Leaders)
▪ £5m Public Liability Insurance
▪ £5m Professional Indemnity Insurance

Snowdon Sunrise Challenge Event

£65-00 per person


Snowdon Sunrise Itinerary