Scafell Pike Climb Challenge

  • Price: £50
  • Open Challenge Dates:
    • Trip 1 – 24th April 2021 –  Fully Booked
    • Trip 2 – 22nd May 2021 –  Places Available
    • Trip 3 19th June 2021 –  Places Available
    • Trip 418th September 2021 –  Places Available
  • Duration: 1 day

Scafell Pike Challenge

The Scafell Pike Climbing Challenge is undoubtedly one of our most popular charity events. If you are seeking to create a real buzz, while smashing your fundraising targets then this could be the event for you. This highly popular challenge involves trekking to the summit of Scafell Pike from Wasdale. This challenge is achievable by anyone with an average level of fitness.

Scafell Pike Facts

  • Highest Mountain in England at 978 m / 3209 ft
  • One of the busiest Mountain in the UK with over 100,000 people climbing the mountain from Wasdale Head each year
  • Summit Boulder Field
  • Route from Wasdale Head is part of the National 3 Peaks challenge
  • 3.5 miles up and 4.5 miles down
  • Height gained 880 metres / 2,887 feet

Wasdale Ascent

This is the shortest and easiest way to Scafell Pike, the highest mountain in England. Consequently it is very popular with charity events like the Three Peaks Challenge.

Scafell Pike cannot be seen from Wasdale Head village green, it is hidden behind Lingmell. Only once rounding the shoulder of Lingmell’s south west ridge can it be seen at all and then only really Pikes Crag is in view.

The summit of the Pike is a giant boulder field, shattered rock of the Borrowdale Volcanics varying in size from small stones to large boulders is scattered over the top of the mountain and down around the sides. Cairns mark meandering paths searching for the easiest way through the agglomeration and go off in all directions making it a confusing place especially in poor conditions. Yet towering crags create a backdrop to rough winding paths, a rugged beauty, so breathtaking in scale and grandeur. Luring walkers and climbers who seek … well all manner of things, for numerous reasons. Or just because it’s there. Why or whatever you are there for treat the mountain well, it was there long before you were, and will out last you many times over. 

The walk starts from the Wasdale Head village green where there is currently free parking.

Grade: Medium

Start Location: Wasdale Head

Finish Location: Wasdale Head

Guides: Qualified Mountain Leaders (First aid qualified and highly experienced)

09:00 – Meet Up Sky Blue Adventures team at National Trust Car Park at Wasdale Head                                                                                                          

09:15 – Commence climb on Scafell Pike

12:00 – Groups start to arrive at Summit. Enjoy the views from the summit and have a break 

12:30 – Groups start descent back to Wasdale Head

16:00 – Groups arrives back at Wasdale Head NT car park

17:00 – Drink and Meal at Wasdale Head Inn (optional)

General Notes

 1.The timings detailed above may vary due to team fitness levels

2. The participants can be split into separate teams according to their ability

3. All participants are required to carry the appropriate kit and equipment to ensure their safety on the mountain

What is Included

  • Team presentation (if required)
  • Logistics(all transport through out the challenge if required)
  • Highly experienced mountain leaders (fully qualified and first aid trained) 
  • Maximum Mountain leader/client ratio of 1 leader / 10 clients
  • Safety equipment (carried by your Mountain Leaders)
  • £5m Public Liability Insurance
  • £5m Professional Indemnity Insurance

What is Not included

  • Travel costs to start/finish location
  • Personal trekking equipment
  • Alcoholic and energy drinks
  • Bottled and boiled water
  • Personal snacks

Snowdon Challenge Event

£50-00 per person