Mountain Skills Day / Weekend

Mountain Skills Day or Weekend –

£ 50 per person – Day

£ 100 per person – Weekend

Mountain skills weekends are aimed at those requiring an introduction to the mountains of the UK, and are suitable for candidates with no prior experience, up to those who are preparing for leadership courses such as Mountain Leader Training.

Mountain skills weekends are suitable for outdoor enthusiasts wishing to become proficient in their summer mountain skills, to enable them to operate safely in mountainous terrain. They are also ideal for people seeking a new challenge, or as the very first step towards a trekking holiday or expedition abroad.

Wild Camping & Hill Skills –

Specifically designed to teach you the necessary skills to safely enjoy a weekend’s wild camping for yourself and with others. Topics covered include:

Planning routes and mountain navigation
Selecting, packing and carrying equipment
Choosing and caring for wild camp areas
Cooking outdoors and meal plans

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