Bronze D of E Training – Oxfordshire

Last weekend I worked with Great Marlow School at Youlbury Scout Activity Centre providing tuition in map and compass skills for young people undertaking there Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award.

On each day I spent time with the group teaching the theory of map and compass skills after which we went on a 6 mile walking trip out from the activity centre into the surrounding countryside. Both groups performed really well being able to navigate with a minimum of advice and assistance from myself.

In the afternoon we spent a couple of hours on route planning in preparation for there expedition training in the forthcoming months.

In the evening the groups were shown how to put up a tent and how to cook using trangia meths stoves.

It was a great weekend and was fantastic to see the groups leave with new found knowledge and skills which will equip them well for there future journey along the D of E scheme.
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Team Building at The Brunts Academy

I have been working today on a team building and problem solving day with 260 year 7 children at a school in Mansfield.

It was another scorching hot day and all the children coped very well with the high temperatures.

In tune with the current heat wave I ran the global warming activity as the children had to imagine crossing a swamp with the aid of 2 wooden planks and several islands on which to cross over onto.

The 9 groups of children I met through the day were completing the last day of a week long induction before they start at the school in September. It was a great way for them to end the week having made new friends and experienced a variety of challenging activities.

Future Sky Ride Dates


Im leading the following Sky Rides in the next few weeks

Coventry Canal Old and New 28th July 2013

Coombe Abbey and Countryside Ride 4th August 2013

Coombe Abbey and the 12 O’clock Ride 4th August 2013

St Nicholas 3 Loop 18th August 2013

Team Building Days

I have just spent the last 2 days at a school in Birmingham delivering Team building activities to over 100 Year 10 pupils on each day.

Due to the fantastic weather this week we spent the whole 2 days on the sports field with the pupils split up into groups of 22.

In total there were 5 separate team building stations offering a variety of team building and problem solving activities.

At my station the pupils had a great time working in teams of various sizes as they raced against each other on ski planks, island and blindfold games.

It was great to see the boys and girls get into the spirit of the day as there was plenty of laughing and shouting during the course of the races.

The teachers also seemed to enjoy themselves and commented on how different the boys and girls were outside of the classroom.




Sky Ride Kingsbury Waterpark

A very sunny and warm ride around the Lakes of Kingsbury Waterpark on Sunday.

A total of 10 adults and children turned up at 10-00am and off we set for the 3 mile cycle ride around Bodymoor Heath Lake. Due to the glorious weather the park filled up with lots of visitors.

Whilst cycling around the Lake we were entertained by the powerboat racers skimming across the water at high-speed very much in contrast to our relaxed and leisurely family orientated ride.

After the end of the ride I was joined by family and friends for a picnic and pedalo ride on the Swans.




Sky Ride Staffordshire Lanes

I led my first Skyride of 2013 around the scenic countryside and lanes of Sutton Coldfield and Tamworth yesterday.

At 09-30am participants started to turn up at the start of the ride on a variety of bikes including – road bikes, mountain bikes and one brave chap on a single speed fixie.

The ride started at 10-00am and after giving a safety briefing to the 20 participants, myself and the two assistant ride leaders Dave and Rob set off from Sutton Park out into the Staffordshire Countryside.

The weather was sunny with a gentle breeze to keep us cool on the inital steep climb on Cardiac Hill out of Sutton Park. At this point we lost 2 riders to a broken chain.

During the ride we stopped in the grounds of Tamworth Castle for a refreshment break which then gave everybody a boost to complete the last 10 miles back to Sutton Park.

The group all completed the ride successfully.

Looking forward to next weekend now for a 3 mile Sky Ride around the lakes at Kingsbury Water Park.

GPS route log of the ride



Bronze D of E Training Expedition

Over the last 2 days I have been working with year 9 pupils from Loughborough High School teaching navigation,camp craft and expedition skills in preparation for there forthcoming Bronze D of E assessment.

On Day 1 we spent a short time on map and compass revision and then headed out for the expedition phase. This involved walking around the Loughborough countryside on a pre-planned route prepared by my group.

10 miles and 8 hours later we arrived in camp.

After setting up there tents the group got to work cooking on there Trangia stoves with varying levels of success.

After a good nights sleep the group packed up and continued the walk back to the start point.

On Day 2 I remotely supervised the group allowing them to walk and navigate along there route and I then met up with them at various checkpoints along the way. The group performed well and successfully navigated along the route back to the start.

A very enjoyable two days and it was very satisfying to see the group grow in confidence over the two days.




Sky Ride 7th July Kingsbury Water Park

Sky Ride Local

Im leading this short ride around Kingsbury Water Park. It is suitable for all ages and is only 3 miles.

Kingsbury Waterpark Explorer

Sunday 7th July at 10.00am

Guided bike rides
Cycling time Ride distance Suitable for Distance from me Ride level
30 Mins 3 Miles Anyone
Starting Point & Postcode
Kingsbury Water Park meet on the seating area outside the Information Centre. B76 0DY
Overall Duration 
1 hours 10 mins  (30 mins cycling)
Bike Type 

Mountain Experience Weekend

Im working with Duncan Clark of North Ridge Adventure in the summer months on the Mountain Experience Weekend. Below are dates and a description of the course for anybody who maybe interested in attending.

Snowdonia – £185 per person

6th and 7th July, 3rd and 4th August 2013, 7th and 8th September 2013, 5th and 6th October 2013.

The Mountain Experience

When you’re ready to stay out in the mountains – we can show you how to do it with fun, excitement and safety.

From high & wild camps, using mountain tents and/or bivouacs, you will gain sound practical experience and learn essential mountaineering skills to prepare you for adventures on your own.

We cover all aspects of equipment choice, route planning, camp craft, nutrition and safety in detail, along with important subjects like minimising our environmental impact and land access legislation.

Map reading & navigation of course feature prominently on this course, and you will have ample opportunity to learn and practise as we journey through the hills together. If you still have enough energy, we often go out again at night, either for more map reading training or on guided walks, whatever the weather. It makes for a full and exciting itinerary.

Click to access NRA_mountain_experience.pdf

Sky Ride 30th June Sutton Coldfield

 Sky Ride Local

I am leading the above ride and there are still places available if anyone is interested in exploring the beautiful Staffordshire Countryside.

Cycling time Ride distance Suitable for Distance from me Ride level
160 Mins 29 Miles 11+ (children 11-15 with adult)
Starting Point & Postcode
Town Gate Café, Sutton Park, Sutton Coldfield B73 6BU
Overall Duration 
3 hours 40 mins  (2 hours 40 mins cycling)
Bike Type