Gold D of E Training – Cannock Chase

I have spent the past 3 days working on a Gold D of E training refresher course based on Cannock Chase. During the weekend there were 30 pupils from Windsor High school undertaking a refresher weekend prior to there qualifying expedition in April.

During the weekend we covered all aspects of the gold syllabus and  the  pupils spent the majority of there time navigating around Cannock Chase on foot honing there map and compass skills.

The weather during the training was a mixture of blue sky’s and sunshine and stormy weather resulting in a large tree falling down in the grounds of the campsite.

The weekend was a great success with the pupils leaving in the knowledge they are all ready and prepared for there assessed expedition in the Brecon Beacons in April.

Im looking forward to meeting up again in April in Wales to continue on from the last few days.

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