Bronze D of E Training Expedition

Over the last 2 days I have been working with year 9 pupils from Loughborough High School teaching navigation,camp craft and expedition skills in preparation for there forthcoming Bronze D of E assessment.

On Day 1 we spent a short time on map and compass revision and then headed out for the expedition phase. This involved walking around the Loughborough countryside on a pre-planned route prepared by my group.

10 miles and 8 hours later we arrived in camp.

After setting up there tents the group got to work cooking on there Trangia stoves with varying levels of success.

After a good nights sleep the group packed up and continued the walk back to the start point.

On Day 2 I remotely supervised the group allowing them to walk and navigate along there route and I then met up with them at various checkpoints along the way. The group performed well and successfully navigated along the route back to the start.

A very enjoyable two days and it was very satisfying to see the group grow in confidence over the two days.




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